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Kit Rae Design Studio provides product design and development services for the knife, sword, and collectible weapon industry, specializing in licensed properties for motion pictures and video games. We can design the product and supply control drawings and CAD for manufacturing. We can take a film prop or 3D video game model and create everything a factory needs to build manufacture a production replica. We also offer graphic design services for product logos and packaging, as well as product photography and illustration services. Contact us for availability and scheduling.


Knife Design, Product Development and Replica Design and Supervision - From concept to CAD
                Functional Knives - Fixed Blades and Folders, Sporting to Tactical
                Collectible Weapons, Motion Picture and Video Game Replicas
                Fantasy Swords and Knives

Graphic Design
                Logo Design and Branding
                Package Design
                Ads/Flyer/Catalog Design

Illustration - Specializing in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror Genres.
                Full Color Illustration
                Computer Illustration
                Black and White Drawing

Computer Drawing and CAD
Photo Retouch and Manipulation
Product Photography