Vorthelok™ - Autographed First Production Run

From the Swords of the Ancients™ collection! This autographed and serial numbered first production run is strictly limited to 2000 pieces worldwide! Vorthelok features a stainless steel blade (false edged), engraved runes, finely detailed cast metal hilt parts with "antiqued iron" metal finish, and a waxed cotton cord wrapped grip. Includes a certificate of authenticity and custom art print hand autographed by Kit Rae.
28" blade. 45" overall.




The Sword of Atnal. Forged by the evil Ancient One Evruc in the Fourth Age, Vorthelok was later enchanted by his brother Atnal and used against Evruc when he was cast out of the order of the Ancients. Wrought in the hand guard is the symbol of the watching eye of Evruc. Its grip is waxed cord wrapped, and the pommel is formed in the likeness of Evruc’s terrible head. The blade features runes by Atnal that translate as “Out of Darkness Comes Light”.








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The Sword Includes custom art print “Receiving Vorthelok”. Art ©2009 Kit Rae. Sword design ©2009 Kit Rae.

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