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“My swords and knives are ‘fantasy art’. I consider them sculptures in steel, hence the phrase ‘edged fantasy art’. While a few are perfectly functional designs, most are not and were never intended to be. These are for collectors and lovers of fantasy art, so open your mind and enjoy” - Kit Rae

Kit Rae is one of the foremost fantasy/collectible weapon designers and artists in the industry with a worldwide following for his unique weapon designs and fantasy art. Kit has also designed numerous functional knives and throwing knives, and has produced and supervised licensed replicas of edged weapons from dozens of films and video games. Images from a hidden world of dreams and nightmares inspire this line of edged creations, exclusively manufactured by United Cutlery. Since 1984 Kit's fantasy knives and swords have appeared in numerous films and television shows and have spawned the creation of a huge collectible market worldwide for fantasy weapons that has generated numerous imitators. His most well-known creation is the world renowned, best selling Swords of the Ancients collection, a tale told in story, art, and steel. All of Kit's edged fantasy weapons include a companion print of his fantastic artwork and a mythology about each weapon. His edged creations are available at fine knife, sword, fantasy, and collectible stores worldwide.

BLADE MARKINGS - how to tell an original from a counterfeit

Kit's designs are some of the most imitated and copied designs in the knife and sword industry. The authentic originals are marked on the blades with the Kit Rae sword logo, and a KR or UC number is marked on the back of each blade. Each includes a parchment certificate (except some early knives and Kit's sporting knives), and the packaging is clearly marked with the Kit Rae logo and trademarks. Each Kit Rae sword includes poster print of Kit's art. If it is missing any of these it is likely a fake. There are several identifying markings on authentic Kit Rae blades. HERE is a simple blade marking guide.


The Swords of the Ancients is a tale told in story, art, and steel. Immerse yourself in the 10,000 year mythology about the creation of Ammon, the Ancient Ones, the Blades of Power, and the various characters who encountered them in this massive tale of gods and mortals. All of Kit's edged fantasy weapons include a companion print of his fantastic artwork depicting a scene from the tale and an excerpt of the mythology behind each weapon. The full tale can be read here.

The highly popular Swords of the Ancients collection, created in 1997, has become legendary the world over among collectible sword and weapon enthusiasts who want only the finest designs and highest quality. The SOTA collection single handedly created the 'fantasy sword' industry, and there are many imitators, but these are the genuine articles. The original ten swords are highly sought after treasures, and new additions are added to the collection annually. Each features tempered stainless steel blades (false edged), and highly detailed antique finished metal handle parts, all made to the designers exacting specifications. Alhough some of these swords and axes may appear functional, and will hold up to much abuse, these are designed primarily as collectible works of art. Each sword includes an accompanying art print and a certificate of authenticity including the mythology behind the weapone. See the collectors list for the complete line of weapons.


A line of collectible fantasy knives from the Swords of the Ancients universe. See the complete collectors list.


Kit's throwing knife and axe line. See the complete list.


Serialized limited edition and special variant versions of Kit's swords and knives are released preiodically. These include autographed versions, gold and platinum editions, and Damascus editions. See the complete collectors list.


Limited edition cold cast statues with cast pewter blades of some popular Swords of the Ancients characters. See the complete collectors list.


Miniature versions of Kits's Swords of the Ancients knives and swords. See the complete collectors list.