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Kit Rae fantasy knives are legendary the world over among collectors. His unique knife designs were the genesis of the “fantasy knife” industry that began in the early nineteen nineties. There are many imitators, but these are the genuine articles. Each features false edged, tempered stainless steel blades. The hilts are crafted from highly detailed and sculptured metal and natural materials, all made to the designers exacting specifications. Most include a certificate of authenticity including the mythology about the weapon, and some editions include an accompanying art print.

Kit Rae is well known for his fantasy swords and blades, but Kit has also designer of functional folding, sporting, and throwing knives since 1985. He has been an avid throwing knife and axe enthusiast since childhood, and several of Kit's own favorite thrower designs are now part of his exclusive BlackJet line. Each is constructed from one piece of solid, tempered stainless steel, with perfectly balanced blade-to-handle weighting.

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