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Product photgraphy and logos for marketing of Kit Rae products. Approved for use to all authorized Kit Rae dealers selling Kit Rae products manufactured by United Cutlery. All images are copyright Kit Rae. If you are not an authorized dealer, ask for permission before downloading.

Click any of the compressed .zip file links below to download to your computer. Most computer operating systems, like Windows and Mac OS, come with software that allows you to uncompress archived .zip files. If not, you can find several free programs online with a simple google search.


KR 2012 MARKETING PACKET (portraits, KR logos, product logos, web art)


Below is a Kit Rae website banner ad 495x170 pixels

Kit Rae Web Bannr Ad


Below are large format in-store/trade show banner ads, 2' x 6'. Each image is 150dpi at 1:1 scale.

Kit Rae Banner


KR0062 Sword Wall Plaque

KR0061 AirCobra 10 3/8" Thrower

KR0059 AirCobra 9" Thrower

KR0057 HellHawk 9 3/4" Thrower

KR0056 Sword

KR0056D Damascus Sword

KR0055 Aircobra Throwing Axe

KR0054A Vorenthul Sword

KR0053G Vorenthul Gold Edition Sword

KR0051A Sedethul Sword

KR0051G Sedethul Sword

KR0050 Ellexdrow War Spear

KR0049 Scabbard

KR0048 Death Head Dagger

KR0047 Mithrodin Sword Scabbard

KR0046 Vorthelok Sword

KR0046G Gold Vorthelok Sword

KR0045 Avoloch Sword Scabbard

KR0041 Sword Wall Display

KR0038 Avoloch Sword

KR0025 Mithrodin Sword Images (updated in 2012).zip

KR0008SE Valdris Special Edition Sword

KR0007D Damascus Valermos

KR0007 Valermos Sword

KR0006D Damascus Anathros Sword

KR0006 Anathros Sword