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Outside of the Kit Rae Fantasy Art brand, Kit has designed numerous knives, weapons, and tools for various companies, mostly in the tactical and sporting catgories, and he supervised the replicas for many licensed film and video game weapons. After constant inquiries about these items we started sort of a scrapbook list. The Brands Kit has designed for include Honshu, M48 Kommando, United Cutlery, Combat Commander, Black Ronin, Tailwind, Rigid Knives, Colt, Harley-Davidson, Stanley, Remington, Gil Hibben, among others, going way back early in his career. It is by no means complete, but most of his designs are listed, to the best of our memories. The list goes back to approximately 1985 when Kit first started in the knife business. Click on a Brand to go to that section.



Colt CT1 Bowie

CT1 Bowie – The first release in the second generation Colt knife line from United Cutlery. Made by Camillus Cutlery in New York.
CT2 Trailblazer Knife-Axe combo – It won the 1996 Blade Magazine Award for most innovative imported design. It was based on an old Marbles knife axe combo.

Colt Knives
CT3, CT4, CT5, CT6 Colt Sportsman Hunting Knives. Originally manufactured for us by Camillus Cutlery of NY.
CT8, CT9, CT10 Black Diamond Daggers. Made by Camillus Cutlery in New York.
CT11 Samuel Colt Signature Bowie
CT12, CT13, CT14, CT15 Revolver Lockback – I was not happy at all with the finished product and I disown these Camillus manufactured knives.
CT16, CT17 Ridge Runners
CT18, CT19, CT93 Professional Throwers
CT20 Trailscout Hunter
CT26, CT27 Pathfinder Camp and Tactical Knives
CT28, CT29 Trooper Tac I
CT30, CT44 AR-15-K Lockbacks. Also used this frame for the CT4000 automatic version.
CT31, CT32, CT55 Series Police Positive and Detective Special Liner Locks

Colt Scrimshaw Series

CT36, CT43 series Pony Liner Locks – I also used this frame for the Colt scrimshaw series.

Colt Cobra Knives

CT49, CT50, CT96, CT97 Series Colt Cobra and Cobra II Liner Locks (bottom three knives in photo) – My favorite hard use, no-bull folding knife. The knife that really put Colt folding knives on the map.
CT0095 Safari Hunter
CT0094 Commander Boot Knives with Shoulder Harness


HD1 Lockback – Based on my Rigid lockback tooling, which was in turn based on a lockback design I lifted from an original Rigid factory knife from the 1970s.
HD4, HD16, HD27, HD28 series liner locks (several variants produced) – Also known as H-D Art folders. This pattern was a modified UC folder I designed a few years earlier.
HD5, HD9, HD10, HD11, HD12 Die Cast Motorcycle Knives.

Harley-Davidson Freedom Bowie

HD6 Freedom Knife (1999) – The only H-D fixed blade limited edition collectible I ever designed. Featured on the Blade Magazine February 2000 cover. I tried to do something different than the typical H-D bowie collectibles that had come before. Released in 1999, (even though the blades are marked 1998) and limited to 7500 pieces.
HD17 Live to Ride Lockback

Harley-Davidson folders

HD18 Silver Thunder Liner Lock (top left knife in photo, black version under it)
HD19 Stainless Lockback
HD31 Motorcycle Tank Key Chain Knives. I designed several in this novelty series.
HD0041 Camp Knife/Axe Combo – Variation of my Colt CT2 knife/axe combo design.


Rigid Liner Locks

RG1, RG2 Liner Locks (middle knife in photo) – My first folding knife. There were many, many Japanese knockoffs of this knife made. Before the days of dιtente ball bearings to hold the blade closed! It was very dangerous to keep one in your pocket. I remember Sal Glesser from Spyderco coming to United's booth at the Blade Show sometime in the late 1980s, handing me his business card and requesting I call him about doing some design work. Spyderco was one of the only companies at the time that made stainless, one-handed opening folding knives with pocket clips. They owned the market back then.
RG23, RG24 Lockbacks with Pocket Clips – My second folding knife design. Many knockoffs of this one too. Featured a unique injection molded thumb stud, one of the first on the market. It had a unique habit of breaking off the knife at the slightest touch.
RG26 Boot Knife. Based on the original Smith & Wesson boot knife, back when UC had the S&W license. Purchased by Ben Affleck in the Kevin Smith film Dogma and used in his killing spree at the end of the film, in a comical way.

Rigid Hunting Knives

RG40 Hunter – Blade art only.
RG41 Skinner – Blade art only.
RG42 Hunter – Blade art only.
RG43 Skinner – Blade art only.
RG54, RG55 Sentinel Lockbacks with Pocket Clips – My first Zytel handle folding knives.
RG56, RG57, RG58 Throwers – My first attempt at throwing knife design.
RG61, RG51 Utility Lockbacks
RG67 Stainless Lockback – Blade art only.
RG68, RG68 Bear Tracker Hunters
RG73 Apache Lockback – Blade art only.
RG74, RG75, RG76 Hunters
RG79 Pro Hunter
RG81 G-10 Lockback


CL0103 Cathedral Peak Hiking Staff
CL0121 Timber Ridge Knife/Axe Combo – Variation on my Colt CT2.
CL0141 Gallatin Range Hunting Knife – Same as my Colt CT0095.


SL37 Roll Tech Utility Knife – Another version of the Colt Revolver knife. Prodcut was not made to spec.
SL11, SL30 Liner Locks


WR0100SG, WR1010SG, WR0102SG Large, Medium, and Small Stag Bowies – Blade art only.
WR0009SG Hunter
WR0013 Lockback
WR0013 Wranch-Mate Liner Lock